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Fibre processing
Edy's Mills Fine Fibres

We have been operating our ‘Mini-Mill’ natural fibre processing mill since 2002. Over the years, we have processed thousands of pounds of natural fibres from various fibre animals, mainly concentrating on Alpaca of course.

We continue to make the most of the fibre we work with each day, always amazed at the wide range of quality of natural fibre and its’ end use possibilities. We now will only accept lots of fibre in 10 pound minimum per mill run.

The fibre must be of similar staple length and grade to make the minimum. It must be well skirted meaning no manure, large amounts of vegetation, or foreign matter in the fleece ( see Olds College Best Skirting Practices ).

 Mixing colours can make for unique blends, length and quality are the only parameters. We offer services from washing, picking, fibre separating, to carding, including roving, batting, felt and jute-core rug yarn.

Please email for pricing. We will do our best to make suggestions for your fibre to make the most of what you bring to the mill. Remember…only bring to the mill what you really want back in your finished product !

E.M.F.F. reserves the right to refuse fibre, return shipping at customer expense. Prices subject to change without notice.

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